Strata NSW: Volunteering at Your Strata Property. Worth The Risk?

This article your personal accident cover when volunteering at your strata property has been supplied by Ann Farrugia, National Client Relationship Manager Whitbread Insurance Brokers.

Volunteering for odd jobs around your Strata property? Think you’re covered for Personal Accident under Strata Insurance if you’re injured? Think again.

While all Strata Insurance policies generally include a Personal Accident section to protect Volunteer Workers in the event they sustain an injury, most are not aware of how limited the cover actually is.

This article will help ensure you’re fully informed of what is covered before volunteering your services, and whether it would instead be smarter to engage a professional contractor.

Many residents living as part of an Owners Corporation (OC) often volunteer to do useful jobs around a Strata property. Whether it be taking rubbish bins out, mowing the lawn or doing a bit of handywork in the common area, volunteering can come in many forms. Unfortunately however, volunteers can sustain unexpected injuries on the odd occasion.

Below we explain the insured features of Voluntary Workers cover, but first let’s start with the basics.

What is Personal Accident Cover for Voluntary Workers?

Personal Accident Cover for Voluntary Workers is designed to provide compensation to any person who voluntarily works on behalf of the OC, and becomes injured in the course of carrying out their voluntary activity.

What is covered under Personal Accident Cover for Voluntary Workers?

Coverage for Personal Accident, under a Strata Insurance policy, generally only applies in very serious and specific circumstances. This is where confusion can often set in…