Insurance Support – Strata, Community, Landlords & Contents

Strata North – Making Sure You Have The Right Cover

Whether your strata or community property is your home or an investment, it is critical that appropriate insurance coverage is in place. Strata North recommends that each property obtains regular insurance valuations to ensure the building sum insured is adequate and in line with building replacement costs. The legislation requires a valuation at least once every five years.

We are authorised representatives of Corporate Home Unit Underwriters (CHU), Strata Unit Underwriters (SUU), Strata Community Insurance – the leaders in Strata Insurance. In addition, we are agents of Body Corporate Brokers – the largest strata specialist broker in Australia. During a difficult financial climate, our owners take comfort in knowing they are receiving the very best insurance options and most competitive premiums.

Regarding claims, our processes and efficiency in dealing with these companies have been streamlined over the years.

This means:-

  1. Claims are processed quicker,
  2. Resultant damage is repaired or reinstated faster, and
  3. Claims are settled promptly.

Below is a check-list of policy inclusions that most leading strata insurers will offer as part of their overall insurance package:-

o    Building Damage/Replacement/Reinstatement (legislative requirement) o    Loss Of Rent/Temporary Relocation Cover
o    Voluntary Workers (legislative requirement) o    Lot Owner’s Fixtures & Improvements
o    Public Liability (legislative requirement) o    Fidelity Guarantee
o    Office Bearers Liability (optional) o    Catastrophe
o    Workers Compensation (if applicable) o    Machinery Breakdown (optional)
o    Government Audit Costs & Legal Expenses