Strata North – Simplifying the Development Process

Strata and Community schemes are ‘born’ upon registration of the plan however it is our view that professional assistance and guidance during the early stages (pre-registration) is equally vital to the success and harmonious running of the development.

There are many obligations and milestones that developers must be mindful of during the initial setup of Strata and Community schemes. Most of the developer’s responsibilities can be delegated to Strata North, and we have extensive experience in setting up a wide range of properties.

These include:-

  • Standard residential strata developments (2+ Lots)
  • Staged strata schemes
  • Community schemes with multiple tiers (strata and neighbourhood developments within)
  • Neighbourhood schemes
  • Commercial strata
  • Industrial schemes
  • Mixed use (residential/commercial, residential/industrial)
  • Conversion of Multiple Occupancies to Community title properties

We provide the necessary advice and guidance to ensure our clients are aware of their statutory requirements whilst also providing specialist tailored advice specific to each property. When requesting a proposal (link below), you will be provided a step-by-step guide of the process from the conception stage through to the expiration of the Initial Period.

Some of the key responsibilities that Strata North undertake include…

  • Review proposed plans (constructions, strata plans, deposited plans).
  • Draft budgets for marketing purposes.
  • Review proposed Bylaws, development contracts, and management statements.
  • Liaise with Solicitors, Surveyors, and Consultants.
  • Obtain insurance quotes.
  • Establish the Strata Roll.
  • Convene Inaugural General Meeting.
  • Issuing section 184 Certificates upon request prior to settlements.
  • Coordinate consultants and reports (Valuations, Capital Works Fund Analysis Reports etc).

To find out more about how Strata North can assist you with your development, please click on the below link and you will be contacted within 24hrs.

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